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HCG Drops Weight Loss

The HCG Diet has certainly garnered a considerable amount of attention in recent years for its unusual approach to losing weight. The strict diet approach and use of HCG drops or additives is certainly different than many other traditional diet programs. However, there is little doubt that when followed correctly, this is one diet that will help shed the weight fast.

What are the Advantages of the HCG Drops Diet?

Quick Weight Loss: The HCG Diet is certainly one of the quickest weight loss systems you’ll find. In fact, there are several variations of this diet program that you can use to lose a quick 10 to 15 pounds in 15 days to longer programs that will shed an average of one pound per day until most of the excess fat is gone. That means you can lose up to 90 pounds in three months time, a remarkably fast system that really burns the fat.

No Exercise Needed: Because the diet works to internally change your body to burning fat, you do not need to exercise in order to lose the weight. Because the HCG hormone itself is adding the fat from your body to the bloodstream, you will have the energy you need provided all day long. So if you do not want to exercise, you don’t have to in order to shed the excess weight.

Healthy Foods: Although the 500 calorie limit is rather strict, it also provides for plenty of healthy foods that you can consume. You can eat lean proteins, fruits and vegetables as long as they are not the “starchy” kind. This is one diet program that really encourages you to eat healthy as your body loses the weight. The diet can re-train your eating habits so that you can maintain them even after you stop the diet program.

Better Health: Shedding the pounds means more than just looking better, although that is certainly a big benefit. By reducing your weight down to normal levels, you also lessen the risk of heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and many other health issues related to being obese. You’ll notice that it is easier to breathe as well and to get around, especially for those who may be stricken with arthritis or other conditions where mobility was more painful with the extra weight.

Why the HCG Diet is Right for You

If you have struggled with other diets in the past, only to regain the weight then the HCG drop is right for you. The secret behind this diet program is that you lose the excess fat while keeping your muscle mass. This means that you can maintain your weight even after leaving the diet if you eat healthy and exercise properly to burn away the excess fat.

For many, this is the right diet program for several reasons, but the most important is that the HCG Diet provides a safe, effective way of losing the weight when done properly. For those who are tired of diet programs that do not deliver, this is the one for you.


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