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Using HCG for weight loss

At Nutra Pure HCG, we make use of an exclusive solution that marries contemporary technology with HCG diet formulation for the most effective weight loss effects. Although there are a few limitations on the usage of HCG diet drops from the FDA, we happen to be in compliance with Food and drug administration rules since our solution doesn’t include the actual HCG hormone, however only its weight loss qualities.

HCG drops are consumed by mouth.

When consuming HCG drops you will lose 1-2 lbs. each day! HCG transforms fat into nutrients without losing of muscle tissue. These natural diet drops are 100% safe and powerful for all genders. HCG Diet drops have been confirmed to maximize your energy. Our HCG contains only natural ingredients

No injections!

Same effects as HCG clinics, saving lots of money! No work out necessary while taking them! No food cravings when consuming HCG diet drops Our HCG is definitely the purest, most successful product offered! No prescription needed! Physically active individuals will slim down faster.


Some individuals may encounter headaches within the very first week of consuming HCG. This is usually due to lack of fluids. It’s essential to keep in mind to consume lots of water within the HCG diet. You are permitted to take aspirin, which may help with comfort.


Constipation is typical while on the HCG diet. You aren’t consuming rich in fat or fatty foods. It is typical for bowels to occur less often. When you encounter constipation maximize your water consumption. This tends to eliminate the toxins and support your bowel motions. If water isn’t supporting, test Magnesium Citrate. Fatigue

Some individuals may encounter fatigue for the first couple of days. In case you are feeling exhausted your body may require reducing more fat to produce the energy it requires. You are able to do this by raising your HCG doses. You may take as much as 10 drops, 6 times daily. Also consuming B12 vitamins can boost your energy.


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